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Sugar Good For Your Body

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate types of the human body needs for energy. But, like what is used and how many calories your body needs ?

As simple carbohydrates, sugars the body can rapidly metabolized to produce energy than other carbohydrate sources. Energy produced per gram of sugar is 4 kcal (kilo calories).

Sugar Sugar Vs Natural Supplement

According to Nutritionist Marudut, BS MPS, type of sugar that is already known to the public is the granulated sugar, brown sugar / java, the source of sugar, and artificial sweeteners. The latter kind are usually produced for people with certain diseases.

sugar free

There are also two types of sugar contained in the food, the natural sugars and natural sugars are sugars tambahan.Gula constituent components of food or foods naturally. For example, cane sugar (sucrose), fruit (fructose), and milk (lactose). This type is generally consumed every day in limited quantities.

As for the extra sugar is known as the "added sugar" or "sugar free" version according to WHO (World Health Organization). The sugar obtained from food and already through a chemical process. For example, in the manufacture of sugar syrup, fruit juice, milk and flour.

The use of this type of sugar should be limited, because it can increase the intake of energy and decrease appetite control. Here are some of the forms of added sugar:


1. Read ingredient or composition.

Example: Composed of cow's milk, skimmed milk powder, dextrose, minerals, vitamins, etc..

2. Read nutrition facts labels

Example: Vitamin A ..... 250 IU, Carbs .... 30g, Sugar .... 18 g Herbal Medicine Treatment For Infertility Having a baby or descendant is the desire of couples who have been married. But not all couples easily get offspring. Difficulty having children can come from women, men, or both. Certainty necessary for the examination to the medical experts, aided by laboratory tests.

On this occasion, health tips blog will share tips / traditional medicine for you is difficult to have offspring (not a way to have children yes!).

Here's a quick remedy to have a child who I mean:


Chinese New Plant (10-30 grams)

Water (4 cups medium)


Chinese New plant boiled in 4 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups. After a cold, drink the potion 2 times a day each 1 cup.

Hopefully, a cure for that hard to have offspring that could be useful for those of you who are already longed for a child.


chinese new plant

Scientific name: Artemisia vulgaris Local names: Malay: New China Sunda: Beungkar kucicing Central Java: Suket Gajahan Halmahera: Kolo Ternate: Goro-goro china


Habitus: Shrubs, chronic, 30-90 cm tall woody stems, round, branched, dirty white Leaves: Single, spread, share pinnate, hairy, 8-12 cm long, 6-8 cm wide, pertulangan pinnate, upper leaf surface green, lower surface whitish Flowers: Compound, panicle shape, in the armpits and on the tip of the stem, leaf petals five, green, yellow stamens, anthers forked, purple, brown Fruit: Box, needle shape, small, brown Seeds: Small, brown Root: Stables, tawny

Chemical Ingredients:

Chinese new leaves contain saponins, flavonoids and polyphenols, in addition to essential oils.