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Breakfast is the most important time (from 06.00 till 10.00 am) and is highly recommended to be met due to health reasons Recommended foods that absorb light BGI work of digestion, so it is recommended to consume foods that have low fat content. and unmet needs of the body of vitamins and minerals the body needs to maximize the body's metabolic processes.Recommended foods Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells that regenerate every day and takes approximately 114 kinds of good nutrients and vitamins of different minerals. In the morning when you wake up the body kitamembutuhkan hundreds of types of nutrients and 45 types of which must be supplied from outside the body or the food we eat.

So is there any solution for that problem?



Breakfast (breakfast) with fried rice, fried noodles, sandwiches, chicken porridge, yellow rice or carbohydrates lainnya.maka happens is the blood sugar will rise dramatically above NORMAL. Pancreas must process large amounts of insulin to lower blood sugar levels and ni which made us quickly feel hungry, weak, and sleepy. This cycle will be repeated more than 3 times depending on our diet.


If we do not have time or do not have time or did not opt for breakfast meets these demands because such Grease fear. Then our blood sugar below normal and was similar in Weakness, fatigue and hunger during the day tend to snack and overeat and diet that lasts a long time will result in obesity and its concomitant diseases.

So the solution is breakfast with enough nutrients and not excessive:

Breakfast Vegetable Based Protein

Breakfast like this can be getting to provide our body with very important nutrients and energy while not increasing glucose and hypoglycaemic agent levels. Breakfast this morning can keep North American nation from dependence on carbohydrates each day. during this method appetency will be controlled higher, the need to eat macromolecule foods (snacks, chocolate, pastry, junk food, soft drinks, rice and noodles) are going to be reduced. As a result, the agency can use the surplus fat hold on within the body for energy or as a supply of energy. So that the fat will not accumulate, because if it gets buried and fat can not be processed by the body resulting in obesity, which would certainly cause a metabolic disorder that can lead to disease.

Some Health Benefits of Bananas For Women

Benefits of Bananas - Bananas are one of the many popular fruits dijuampai in rural and urban areas. Bananas are rich in fiber and contain three natural sugars ie glucose, sucrose, and fructose, which makes banana has a variety of benefits. What are the health benefits of bananas for?

Here's his review:

That banana benefits for health, that maybe some people do not realize it.

If you are classified as a fruit like this one, do not bother how the way they are presented. Because, delicious bananas for consumption in any form. May be useful.