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Bee sting swelling

Bees have stingers and their primary function would be to defend the bee from predators. Thus, you do not have to believe to the misconception that bees are out to sting everyone. They only sting when they find themselves threatened. The worker bees possess barbed stings and once they penetrate the skin, the stings will stay there. But the female bees will tear their abdomens as they insert the venom in the process.

bee sting swelling

Hence, female honey bees die as they sting. They would only resort to this suicidal act if they find themselves in serious danger. So, it is apparent that prevention of bee stings would provide the most benefit. If the bee feels threatened by a person’s presence, it pierces its stinger into the skin of the person. The venom coming from the poison sacs in the stinger will then be injected into the body. Even if the bee has departed, the venom from the poison sacs will keep on seeping in the skin because the stinger is left behind in the skin by the bee. This venom causes the redness, swelling and stinging sensation at the location of the bee sting.

Home Remedies for bee sting swelling

The pain associated with the sting can disappear in thirty minutes or so. But usually, the duration of the swelling can persist for a day up to several weeks after the sting. Let us take a step by step look at things to be done when a person is stung by a bee.