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Acute Appendicitis

Appendicitis has a lot of symptoms which can help in determining the disease. This medical condition refers to the swelling and infection of the appendix. In children, it can be difficult to detect the symptoms because kids have difficulty expressing what is really happening to them. Basically, appendicitis is characterized by pain in the abdomen. Other problems with the abdomen such as kidney stones will also present with the same characteristics similar to appendicitis. This will also make it hard to detect the symptoms of appendicitis in children. Conducting various tests like blood test is helpful in finding out the actual reason. Blood test is capable of determining the white cell count giving us more knowledge about the problem. Also, CT scan can be performed to know the exact problem.

Indications of Appendicitis – During the early stages, pain close to the navel can occur. After a while, this pain will progressively move in a downward direction towards the lower area of the right abdomen. In addition, the pain will become intense and sharp after a couple of days. Then the pain will settle at the lower region of the abdomen close to the appendix. This lower portion can be located between the belly button and the right hip bone. The pain can be intense during nighttime while sleeping. It will also become severe while doing activities such as running, walking, or any other physical work. Since adults perform manual work more than children, the appendicitis symptom is quite observable in them when compared to the kids.

Furthermore, the pain tends to become severe when a person coughs, sneezes and while he takes a deep breath. Sometimes, appendicitis can result to obstruction in the intestine. As a consequence, vomiting and diarrhea can be possible. Nausea can also occur. Several people can also experience fever because of appendicitis. A handful of them will find it difficult to defecate. Another appendicitis pain symptom which is common is a suggestive feeling that defecating will make the person feel comfortable.

Causatives of Appendicitis – Even if most of the time, the real cause of appendicitis is still unknown; the causes listed below are some of the observable causes. Among the reasons for appendicitis include clogging of parasites and presence of feces in the appendix. Infection in the gastrointestinal tract is another cause of appendicitis. Also, infections present in other areas of the body can give rise to this medical condition. If the abdomen is damaged for some reason, appendicitis can also be possible. This problem can also be caused by enlargement of the tissue present at the wall of the appendix. Other reasons are Chron’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis. Appendicitis commonly occurs in people between the age of ten and thirty years old.

Symptomatic Treatment for Appendicitis – It is expected that you already have an idea regarding the symptoms and causes of appendicitis. Since this is a serious medical condition, proper treatment is necessary. If treatment is provided at an early time, the chances of early recovery are highly possible. Visit a doctor at once when you notice the symptoms of appendicitis. In case the appendicitis is already in the severe stage, the doctors would often opt for appendicitis surgery. It should also be treated with medications as well.

Appendicitis In Children

The appendix is a tiny structure and does not take part in any of the processes which occur in the body. Despite this, the appendix can lead to problems in the body. This structure sticks out from the large intestine or colon and can be found at the lower side of the right abdomen. Because of some factors, this structure can become inflamed and be filled with pus. The condition called appendicitis will then arise. Even if this disease is not distinctive to any specific age group and may affect anybody, this can be common in individuals between the ages of ten to thirty. Keep reading so that you will know about the different symptoms of acute and chronic appendicitis in children. These can be similar to the case of adults.

What Are The Indications of Appendicitis?

In children, the primary indication among all the appendicitis symptoms that occur at an early stage is pain which is felt close to the navel. This kind of pain will radiate or move to the lower part of the right abdomen. A good indication that affirms the development of appendicitis is observed when pressure is applied to the lower right abdomen and that pressure is quickly released. If a sharp pain is triggered by this action, then this can be among the symptoms of chronic appendicitis in children. Aside from the pain, appendicitis in children can result to a feeling of tenderness when there is pressure on the lower part of the right abdomen. In children, pain can become worse with activities such as jumping, making jarring movements, walking, coughing and many more. Symptoms such as poor appetite, mild fever, nausea, constipation and vomiting can accompany the pain. Symptoms that occur with other medical conditions include diarrhea, swelling in the area of the abdomen and inability to pass gas or flatulence problems. But if all of these are accompanied with all the other symptoms of acute appendicitis previously mentioned, these can definitely indicate the onset of the disease.

It should be known that the pain can occur from different places according to the age and position of the appendix. This is exactly the reason why pregnant women and kids can experience the appendicitis pain in various places. In addition, the occurrence of all the symptoms of appendicitis in children under five years old is quite uncommon. Nevertheless, there could be exceptions from this reality considering that the condition can strike at any age.

Appendicitis Treatment

In children, the standard method of treatment of all the appendicitis symptoms is surgical removal of the structure. This technique is called appendectomy. Surgeons have the option to perform this surgery as the open type in which an incision is made or through laparoscopic operation where several incisions are made. The latter kind of surgical procedure for appendicitis is more advisable since healing is faster and scarring is less. But if the procedure is not suitable for all, open surgery can be a practical option. In general, a person who undergoes the surgical procedure will be admitted in a hospital for a day or two.

In children, there will be considerable improvements in the symptoms of appendicitis after surgery. Nevertheless, parents should take special measures so that their kids can recover faster and without the risk of any complications. Kids should be advised to avoid arduous activities and encourage starting moving with brief walking. Acts like coughing, laughing and more can put pressure on the abdomen and result to pain. In order to avoid it, kids must be told to brace themselves using a pillow before making those acts. The doctor should be contacted immediately if pain medications will not be effective. But what is most important is that every time children will show signs of tiredness or lethargy, they should be advised to get adequate rest or better sleep.